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    Mosquita Y Mari (2012) is a triumph for our community. Made by a Aurora Guerrero, a beautiful Xicana, this film is a colorful narration as liberating as a breath of fresh air after a sweat lodge. It felt ceremonial to let the tears roll and our hearts grow heavy in front of the screen. It felt as if a long lost sister held your hand and walked you through mutual secrets of pain and beauty through shots of moving long black hair, smooth brown skin, glowing smiles in the sun and smog, and natural use of spanglish. Finally and thank you.

    Attended the screening and Q&A panel with the director, actors, and a producer at Outfest 2012.  This film was wonderful!  

    During the Q&A a white audience member asked the director if she was ever worried about what white people or straight people would think about the film.  She said no, “because to be honest, I made this film for Latinos” and for the LGBTQ community.   The response was done so deftly.  A reminder that people who are white or people who are straight do not always have to be the target audience.

    Next up for Mosquita Y Mari is a limited theatrical run in New York!