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"Girls" was meant to be different from what we usually see on TV: Highly current, thoroughly modern. But the casting choices are not different. Not modern. To be clear: It’s fine that the show is about spoiled, delusional, narcissists. The idea that "if a character isn’t exactly like me, I can’t relate" is bullshit. But that doesn’t mean we don’t desperately need diversity in the stories being told, characters being explored and actors being hired.

…Does “Girls” have the right to be all-white? Of course. But we, the public, have the right to critique the insular, homogenous world a young woman with the good fortune to have her own TV show has chosen to present. Because it’s exclusionary, disappointing, unrealistic, and upsetting. And it perpetuates a sad trend.

By Jezebel’s Dodai Stewart on the lack of diversity on HBO’s new show, Girls.