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Signal Boosting for Stolen Avatar Poster

My car was broken into today (7/21) at a mall in Orange County, CA and a poster I got signed at San Diego ComicCon (and was going to give to my younger brother) was stolen.

It’s the one of the old Gaang that reads “old friends” and it was signed by Bryke, Joaquim, Ryu, and Gurihuru. (Different from the ones that were from the first signing with the signatures from the actors.) If you see it on eBay coming out of a city in Southern California please let me know so I can get the police detective to follow up. (Especially if the seller is also selling a signed copy of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe or a GPS.)

My brother and I are pretty bummed that the poster is gone but at least no one was hurt. If you see the poster on eBay, please message me and let me know! Thank you! -Marissa

Moving the main action to Republic City seemed like a natural progression of the Avatar story. Rather than have these very separate nations, now different cultures are mixing together, which is exemplified by characters like Mako and Bolin. They are brothers and one is a Firebender and the other is an Earthbender. It shows that the world is an ever changing, evolving place. And this diversity has helped the show connect with viewers from different cultures around the world.

By Mike DiMartino, co-creator of The Legend of Korra