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In Star Trek #29, coming January 29 from IDW Publishing, the U.S.S. Enterprise’s five-year mission continues under the command of Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk. You read that correctly: Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk. And her crew also includes Lt. Nnamdi Uhuro, Lt. Pavlona Chekov, Lt. Hikari Sulu, Chief Engineer Marjorie Scott, Yeoman Jason Rand and Lt. Commander Spock.

Star Trek #29 is titled “Parallel Lives” and will kick off an exciting two-part adventure overseen by Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek (2009) writer-producer Roberto Orci and written by Mike Johnson. The art is by Yasmin Liang, while Cat Staggs handled the cover (and fans should be on the lookout for a variant photo cover). Star Trek #29 will run 32 pages and cost $3.99.

they saw the fic and the art and wanted to join the party you guys i am ALL ABOUT THIS

Very cool to see the comics picking up the kind of gender-swapping fans have been doing for some time. Even though the story will technically not be part of canon, I hope this will challenge some fans who hadn’t considered these possibilities to ask questions and not take the characters’ gender entirely for granted.

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    because star wars doesn’t have an EU this comic would be as canon as anything else in star trek that’s not a tv show or...
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