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    obliquely-yours-deactivated2014 asked
    I wonder if you know that black people only make up 12% of the US population? Ergo equal representation, not to be pedantic, only means that 1/8 characters on TV NEED to be black. Pretty sure we’ve achieved that, show me stats if you know otherwise though, I’d be happy to look.


    That would mean that 6% of primetime network television shows on TV would have a black woman in the lead role, but Scandal was the first television series to have a black female lead since 1974.

    It’s not just quantity, it’s quality—and again, the percentages are nowhere near how they are in the actual population or settings being featured (metropolitan cities, college campuses, hospitals, etc.)

    *edit: First network, prime time drama to have a black female lead since 1974.