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Disney has edited their Mulan re-design!


so I have a plane to catch to florida tomorrow and I definitely don’t have time now and perhaps for a while to answer the 15+ asks I got today (idk what my grandparents have in way of web connection for this week)

however, a couple people messaged me that Mulan’s page has been changed.   So give yourself a pat on the back; they’ve definitely heard the critique.   Honestly the fallback for all the princesses must have felt kind of intense because it’s (the princess page) no longer easily found through their mainpage like it was all last week when the released the designs.

So far, Mulan has been (re) re-designed,she’s definitely less pale and clearly white-washed than before.   They changed the dress (it actually looks like one that someone did a mockup of in photoshop), her lips seem more naturally colored, and her eyes now have a brown iris rather than blue highlighting.   Sorry time is limited and this is all I have time to post right now!   I would say it’s definitely an improvement though


(old design vs. movie design below)


Looks like Disney caught wind of fan rumblings…

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    I think this re-design series is stupid, but I’m glad they fixed what matters
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    Tumblr user was better… but...start (I guess?). Her face is still too slender. And