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The man standing on stage looks like George Takei, but when he speaks, it’s not with the mellifluous, warm voice of a famous actor and advocate. His voice is coarse, ragged and grizzled. Instead of a golden Starfleet uniform, he is wearing a drab olive green World War II uniform, with old insignia and medals scattered across his chest.

His name is Sam Kimura, and he is a Japanese American veteran of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Estranged from his family for decades, the sudden news of his sister’s death compels him to “remember the time no one speaks of anymore.”

“All the things that happened, that I’d sooner forget,” Kimura says, and suddenly both he and the audience are plunged into memories of 1941–decades earlier when Sammy Kimura is an all-American high school student body president determined to go places, only to end up in an impossible position, stagnating in an impossible prison.

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