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So looking through the Met’s opera season, I noticed something in the current production of Othello.

Othello is played by this man:

Yes, brown paint and black dye. Are there no black men to sing opera? Or are black men just not as talented? Do we have to resort to black face?

Another example is Nixon in China, if you look at the original production, there are no Asian actors whatsoever. Last year’s production at the Met had improved, but Mao Zedong (in green) was played by a white man in make up.

Are there no Asian men to sing Opera?? His wife is played by an Asian woman beautifully, so it proves Asians aren’t as untalented as first thought.

It’s really underhanded. Do Asians and Blacks scare the casting directors? I think that if a black man were to play a white man’s role (a big role, mind you), people would think it takes away from the character. Unless it were an all-black version, that’s fine, separate but equal amirite?

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    THEY HAVE SOMEONE IN BLACKFACE PLAYING OTHELLO?! I FUCKING LOVE OTHELLO, that’s one of my top 3 Shakespearean plays!...
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    oh no!
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    Otello has been done in black face forever. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a production of Otello that had an...
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    Both are just SAD. In the Les Mis 25th anniversary I saw a black man perform as Inspector Javert wonderfully. There’s no...
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    We’re back to blackface for Othello? :/
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