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Believe it or not, Asian actors/Asian American actors can also be talented! WHOA.


Tumblr user jhenne-o-lantern, in response to this argument defending whitewashing and casting white actors to play Asian roles:

if I were a casting director, or script writer or anyone else who would get some input into who’s cast, I wouldn’t cast based on how well you resembled the character being portrayed, I’d much rather have good actors who can show emotion through film and tug at heartstrings and just over all play the role well.”

Media consumers often accept this use without examining the underlying premise: That if this is actually how casting operates, then Asian American actors must be inherently not as well equipped as white actors—to the point that white actors are considered to be better at showing emotion than Asian actors and better representing Asian characters than actual Asians are.

Anyone who uses this argument to justify whitewashing is also implicitly putting down all Asian American actors as inferior to white actors like Jim Sturgess, Justin Chatwin, David Carradine, etc.

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    I also agree with the last comment, and I’d like to add that no, not all the character in AtlA or LoK are asian. What...
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    I agree with the last commentary (the one I bolded). I’m not calling it right or wrong. It’s just my stand.
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  13. sithlordkc answered: Horseshit. Asians are just better in general.
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  22. xingli answered: Bolin isn’t fucking white, people! LOK and ATLA characters are based off of Asian culture, so fancast with Asian actors ok?
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  30. bloggingfromearth answered: the fuck?
  31. bluediamonds8 answered: Even though I agree with this statement, I would hate if the POC characters were whitewashed for the movie Divergent
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    This person. THIS PERSON! Acting as if other people on assistance don’t have to jump through the SAME DAMN HOOPS. Acting...
  33. tamsalama answered: Okay I just read through this and at the end I smacked the side of my chair and said, “BAM!” and woke up my roommate. THANK you, Jhenne. :D
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    For the record, most of the time actors chosen to white wash roles aren’t even good, certainly not worth the racism of...
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  37. azzandra answered: Jhenne, you are a superhero. And also right about everything, always.
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    LOL THIS IS TOO LONG— my response is under the cut. [[MORE]] oh my god tho. I don’t have the time or the inclination to...
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