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Couldn’t resist adding this addendum

Racebending.com: So maybe think, for a moment, about why you’re saying this


I am tired of people explaining that because a franchise was created 1960s or 1970s—“when there were fewer people of color than there are today”— that’s why the franchise isn’t diverse today.

I mean, really.

Sure, there were more “white” people living in America in the 1960s and 1970s. That…

Also, P.S.: Attention to all of those people who continue to argue that since people who are “non-Hispanic white” make up the majority of the American population, “naturally” this group deserves to have the majority of entertainment media feature them (as befitting their majority status or whatever.)

Again, please stop and give half a thought to how a land that was populated by the indigenous peoples of America currently has a majority-white population today. (eg: the indigenous people were slaughtered for land, people of color were stolen from their families and socialized to become white, immigration of people of color was bottlenecked while immigration of white ethnics was widely encouraged, people of color were forcibly sterilized to prevent them from reproducing, all these different forms of social control, etc. No wonder people who are white make up the majority of Americans today.)

When you prop up the percentage of white people in order to justify why discrimination exists in Hollywood, also think about what’s providing you with this stat you can wield to silence dissent.

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