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So according to Victoria’s Secret I can love my body if my waist is the size my thigh currently is, if I am 5’ 9”, if I have long slightly wavy brown or blonde hair, and if I am either white or one very specific shade of brown. Thanks for that, I’ll log that away.

this is perfect^


Just saying, they’re both guilty of the same stuff…

Yeah, when I look at these pictures I see one group of women with the same body type and then another group of women with the same body type. I mean I see that Dove put in a slightly wider range of skin tone and height… but still, they are a bunch of hourglass-shaped photogenic women. Neither picture is really going to make me say “Wow, I’m beautiful too! I love my body!” because my body isn’t like any of the bodies in the pictures.

An update to yesterday’s post…Dove’s casting calls are problematic, too.

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