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Okay, here is Doc McStuffins. Excuse the incredibly cheesy name but let me tell you about how much this show means to me for my little sister. See, we’re black. Yup, we’re black and apparently that means that as far as children’s shows and toys go, my little sister always ends up with a small selection of quality products. If you would have told me before that I would be searching for a lone African-American Baby Alive doll in a 30 mile radius 2 weeks before the holidays 4 years ago, I would have laughed and rolled my eyes at you. But seriously, it’s ridiculous. We always talk about whitewashing in the media and it’s so apparent to us, but what about for kids? When my sister sees the shows on television and all of the main characters have fair skin and straight hair, what am I supposed to tell her? She isn’t old enough to care or to see any difference. She’s innocent to the racism that prevails in America. So shows like this are a breath of fresh air to me. Doc McStuffin’s is about a (presumed) African-American girl whose mother (Also presumed African-American) is a doctor. Not a nurse, but a doctor! It is so nice to be able to show my little sister this on television. That a person (a woman!) with dark skin like ours is a doctor, and so is her daughter, to her stuffed animals of course. We always tell children that they can do anything, and that’s nice and all, but what good are our words if we can’t back them up with visual confirmations? 

All I’m saying is, it’s nice to see Doc McStuffins on my television screen.

how cute is this?!

This show is the top rated cable show among kids aged 2 to 5 and Korra is the top rated cable show for older kids and teens. Girls of color represent!

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    okay this looks adorable and I want to watch this now.
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    I was so happy when I came across this show on TV. We haven’t had a positive black cartoon character for young childeren...
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    I saw this on my friend’s tv once. One of her step-sister’s to be (I think) has two little boys, and was moving in, so...
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