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Rachelle Ann Go as Ariel

On Rachelle’s performance:

The Little Mermaid had starred the talented, incandescent Sierra Boggess in the title role (Ariel); while Manila’s production has found a new ingénue in strong pop singer Rachelle Ann Go. Tony Award-winning actress Lea Salonga, who’s also a columnist in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, only had praises and raves for Go’s opening night (November 18) performance, “As for Go, I don’t know that the superlatives in my vocabulary could cover just how wonderful I thought she was. Bundles of charm oozed from her, as well as an easy sense of humor and adventure. Her voice was also a great mix of that clean and pristine Disney sound, plus a deep pop sensibility that made this score (and her Ariel) accessible to everyone. She was a perfect Ariel, and her portrayal will only continue to deepen and improve. She blew me away on opening night.”

Read more: http://broadwayworld.com/article/Photo-Flash-Disneys-THE-LITTLE-MERMAID-Opens-in-Manila-20111124#ixzz1usSG4XQn

To hear a rendition of Go’s “Part of Your World”, watch the video below! (skip to 0:57)

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    I think I have a new favorite Ariel. She’s so beautiful and talented and…I can barely handle this right now.
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    The video. OMG. She better werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk
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    Jesus LORD, she’s great. Can I please? Can I please go?
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    haha I CRIED wow she has a voice on her
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