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    • Entertainment Weekly:

      Will we ever see a bachelor or a bachelorette who is not white?

    • Mike Fleiss:

      I think Ashley is 1/16th Cherokee Indian, but I cannot confirm. But that is my suspicion! We really tried, but sometimes we feel guilty of tokenism. Oh, we have to wedge African-American chicks in there! We always want to cast for ethnic diversity, it’s just that for whatever reason, they don’t come forward. I wish they would.

    • Mike Fleiss explains to a reporter why after 23 seasaons there has never been a person of color as the bachelor or bachelorette. Fleiss is the creator of the ABC reality show "The Bachelor."

    • Last week, two African American men who auditioned for the show filed a lawsuit arguing that they and other people of color have been discriminated against in the casting process. This kind of lawsuit is very unprecedented; as far as I am aware no one has ever won a discrimination lawsuit against Hollywood before.